Running a traditional automotive dealer business ?

Weak prospect reach resulting in deal losses ? Bumpy Test Drives, Appointments ? Disappointed Customers ? High Dead or Slow Moving Stock ? High Operational Cost and low Margins ? Inaccurate analytical reports ? Sounds familiar ?
Introducing the next-gen dms

autoExpress™built on SAP s/4hana

IntelliSoft's autoExpress™ - a DMS built on SAP’s S/4HANA platform and applications, enables Automotive Dealers to reach out to prospects, engage them with market insight, maximize revenue and profits, improve customer satisfaction, streamline existing workloads, reveal optimal decisions and capitalize on digitally transformed business models.

In addition, Automotive dealer and Heavy Equipment companies can use Customer Experience Apps, Process Enhancement Apps and Fiori Apps to improve customer experience and optimize operations. The functions and feature are aimed at increasing Revenue by empowering sales team to sell more and reduce operations cost due to automation of mundane processes.

autoExpress™ is delivered with Best Practice Configuration & Documentation which reduces duration of adoption and therefore the cost of implementation.

3 Pillars of Automotive & Heavy Equipment Dealer Business

autoExpress™ capabilities are embedded in S/4 HANA business-core and industry applications as a add-on, offering out of box functionality for Automotive & Heavy Equipment Dealer business.

In short this package incorporates all the capability of S/4HANA system and offers pre-configured Automotive and Heavy Equipment Dealer business process.


Streamlined end to end business process from Campaign to Billing.

  • Embedded Vehicle Characteristics & Configuration
  • Digital Marketing & Campaign Management with Call Centre
  • Prospect / Lead / Opportunity / Activity Management
  • Test Drive Management
  • Quotation Process with Accessories / Allied items / F & I
  • Automated Trade-in Process
  • Automated Sales Execution
  • Automated PDI process
  • Automated Service Initiation
  • Fleet / Bulk Sales
  • Integrated Finance


Efficient operation right from running a Service Campaign to Execution and Billing.

  • Digital Marketing & Campaign Management with Call Centre
  • Lead / Opportunity / Activity / Appointment Management
  • Workshop Load & Capacity Utilization
  • Digital Gate Pass
  • Mobile Service Advisor
  • Mobile Vehicle Health Check
  • Service Quotation Management
  • Automated Job Card & Service Execution
  • Workshop Resource Management
  • Clock-in / Clock-out App
  • Warranty / Recall Management


Optimized procurement to avoid no-stock or over-stock situation and innovative ways to Sell.

  • E-Catalogue integration
  • Forecast based procurement
  • ATP / Price check
  • Cash Sales Process
  • Back Order Processing
  • Back-to-back Ordering
  • Bulk Parts Sales
  • Supersession / Interchangeability
  • Integrated Finance
  • Stock Category – Dead Stock Management
  • Provision based on Stock age
  • New Model Parts Forecasting
  • Forecast based on Vehicle base

Application Areas

SAP Fiori offers uniform and easy to use User Interface across all channels. Hybrid Mobile Apps offer automation of business processes, improved user productivity and better Customer Experience.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are simple to use and help improve customer experience. They automate process thereby helping you to reduce overall cost. These apps are bundled with autoExpressTM solution and also offered on SaaS model independent of underlying technology.

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  • Image description

Yard Management

Yard Management app allows Vehicle Location Management, Periodic Maintenance and Capture of Vehicle images for managing insurance claims.

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  • Image description

Customer Experience

Customer Experience app offers to book service / repair appointments, approve quotations, pay for invoices and review service history.

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  • Image description

Mobile Service Advisor

Mobile Service Apps will help you to offer rich paperless experience to your customer and help automate internal processes.

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  • Image description


Vehicle Health Check App offers transparency by conveniently enabling capture of part requiring repair.

Challenges faced by Auto Dealerships

Traditional applications use RDBMS and transactional approach limiting organizational capability to sustain profitability and growth. Digital adoption is key to run a successful business especially in our rapidly changing environment.

Automotive References

SAP Accorded Quality Award for Jaidah implementation

IntelliSoft implemented S/4HANA Suite in Jaidah group and they went live on 1st Jan 2017. The implementation was very smooth and Jaidah stabilized their environment soon after go-live.

SAP accorded Jaidah Group with a Bronze award in the S/4HANA innovations category of SAP Quality Awards for MENA region. SAP Quality award is a prestigious recognition in SAP Community. It is awarded after a detailed evaluation of projects by a 5 member judging panel over 2 months.

SAP Accorded Quality Award for Jaidah implementation

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